What area code is arizona?

Arizona, which is home to the Grand Canyon, has five area codes. The Arizona area codes are 602, 520, 480, 623 and 928.Intelligent cloud contact center for customer service and engagement.

What area code is arizona?

Arizona, which is home to the Grand Canyon, has five area codes. The Arizona area codes are 602, 520, 480, 623 and 928.Intelligent cloud contact center for customer service and engagement. Take a look at our company, find out why we're so trustworthy Find out how we care for the community Get help, support or just say hello Nextiva is shaping the future of growth for all businesses. Start learning how your company can take everything to the next level.

Shaping the future of growth for all companies Learn about our culture and our jobs See all products, applications and packages Pipeline and client management VoIP, CRM, live chat, %26 Surveys See what people are saying about us See international call rates Area codes in all The states, in the US. UU. When your local company's presence isn't enough, Nextiva takes you to where your customers are. Phoenix is the capital of Arizona and the largest city in the state.

The Phoenix area code covers 518 square miles and has an estimated population of 1.6 million people, making it the fifth most populous city in the United States. It's located in Maricopa County, so the 602, 480, and 623 area codes include the neighborhoods of Glendale, Mesa, Peoria, Tempe, Anthem and many more. Phoenix is located in the central part of Arizona and is 113 miles from Tucson, 355 miles from San Diego and 298 miles from Las Vegas. After Arizona achieved statehood, the city experienced significant population growth, which continued during World War II.

The multiple military and air force bases in the area helped the economy to change and diversify. Now, Phoenix is the largest capital of any state in the country and the most populous city in Arizona. Some of the most important industries in area codes 602, 480 and 623 are construction, government and defense, tourism, technology and business services. The city's top five employers are the State of Arizona, Wal-Mart Stores, Banner Health, the City of Phoenix and Wells Fargo, while other notable Phoenix companies include Bank of America, Arizona State University, JP Morgan Chase %26 Co.

Expanding your Arizona business should start with a Phoenix area code. With Nextiva, you can instantly activate the 602, 480 and 623 area codes and start today by choosing the business number you want or simply adding the area codes to your current business phone. You can then answer calls to the local number from smartphones or computers anywhere in the world. In addition to the ability to be location independent, all of Nextiva's VoIP services come with additional features to help you manage your business.

Incorporate voicemail into email services, call recording and conference calls into your daily routine, and better serve your customers with the Nextiva answering machine. Pre-recorded software allows your customers to quickly and efficiently access the right extensions when they call, while saving time and money for your company. For businesses that are ready to expand, you can also explore many add-on features, such as Nextiva Analytics, that will help you gain an in-depth view of callers and better understand your customer base. When you choose Nextiva for your Phoenix area code, your company will also have access to exclusive NextOS software.

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Best of all, affordable prices ensure businesses with any budget can afford a Phoenix area code, and the “no hidden fees” guarantee means you'll never pay any additional fees. Customers choose Nextiva because high-value packages come at an incredible price, and companies always feel supported by Nextiva's customer service team. The department offers incredible service seven days a week and answers 95% of calls on the second ring because they know their time is valuable. Joining the Nextiva family gives you the peace of mind that your digital phone systems will always work flawlessly.

When your company is ready to grow in Arizona, come to Nextiva first. You no longer need to open a second branch or hire a new team to take advantage of the local economy. Instead, purchase 602, 480, and 623 area codes for your VoIP services. We're committed to your growth and empowering you to run a successful business.

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By providing information on this form, you agree to Nextiva's Privacy Policy. Some of the best and most important annual events in the Phoenix area code each year include the Arizona Balloon Classic, the Buckeye Air Fair, the Street Eats Food Truck Festival and the Great American BBQ and Beer festival. For 988 to work in Arizona 480, 520 and 928 are codes, all customers with a number in those area codes with a seven-digit local dial must switch to a 10-digit dial. The FCC ordered that any area code that has the prefix 988 assigned as a telephone number and has a seven-digit local dial be changed to a 10-digit local dial (area code+phone number) to ensure that everyone can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline using the 988 code of three Digits.

If you receive this recording, you must hang up and re-dial using the area code with the seven-digit telephone number. The following table lists all area codes in the state of Arizona by number with the names of the city in which they are used. The first table below shows the most populated cities in Arizona with the area codes listed next to them. Be sure to check your website, personal and commercial stationery, advertising materials, personal and business checks, contact information, your personal or pet identification tags, and other similar items to ensure that the area code is included.

The Phoenix area code has an unemployment rate of 5.5%, which is slightly higher than the US national average. U.S., 5.2%. . .

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